We are a small state whose members make a big impact!

Invest in the health of your community and your business.
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Our organization represents about 50 members. Although the state of NH is small, we have a high concentration of Naturopathic Doctors and that number is quickly growing!

Our members are thriving! According to the Nutrition Business Journal, the average naturopathic doctor purchases about $8,000 per year in dietary supplements. According to an internal survey, the average of NHAND members is more than twice that with several practices purchasing over $50,000 per year in supplements! Our members are thriving and we want you to grow with us!

Support the east coast’s integration of naturopathic medicine

  • As a leader for integrative health, you’ll be supporting our naturopathic doctors, who urge their patients to use natural supplements, whole foods and facilitate an overall healthy lifestyle to move our health care system towards preventive medicine and healthier living.
  • The NHAND’s top priority at this time is ensuring that NH citizens know that they have access to licensed naturopathic doctors and health care that empowers patients and creates a healthier and vital community.

Strength of NHAND parallels the strength of supplement companies

  • We are the best-trained advocates for nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy and other natural remedies as first line treatment and preventative care.
  • We value pure, quality-controlled products to enhance the health of the body and treat disease.

Naturopathic doctors are experts in the beneficial value of nutritional products & specialty labs

The American public’s use of CAM therapies and specialty labs has increased substantially as the patient’s desire to become actively involved in their own healthcare has strengthened. Health care consumers are increasingly curious about alternative therapies and seek Naturopathic Doctors, who are trained specifically in their use. Naturopathic Doctors create a reliable connection for those most familiar with mainstream medicine to incorporate complementary and integrative therapies into their lives. We want to grow the entire market for safe and effective natural-based products and services.

Delivering quality natural medicines to patients is the best way to gain public trust and ensure the growth and sustainability of natural medicine.

  • We bring the message of integrative health care to the public, government institutions and the entire health care system.
  • Our message increases public access to Naturopathic Medicine and increases the public trust in safe and effective natural modalities.
  • Our training ensures the very best delivery of evidence-based natural medicine.


Support the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Invest in the health of your community and your business.


Thank you to my naturopathic doctor for guiding me to a healthier and better quality of life. My ND gave me solutions and answers when no one else could. I don’t know where I’d be without you!

My ND is the first doctor I’ve been to see who listened to everything I had to say about what I’ve gone through over the years. She addressed all my questions and is working with me through a plan that targets areas to improve and maintain my health.

My naturopathic doctor is intelligent and enthusiastic. She is very thorough and explains everything very clearly. (She) My ND always provides sufficient time to make sure all my concerns are addressed. Highly recommend her for her thorough and thoughtful care.