New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors

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Further details of NHAND membership benefits

  • Name, picture, bio, and practice information listed on the NHAND website under “Find a ND” for increasing new patients. There will be a link to take them to your personal/practice website.
    • Our site is currently a location where many members of the public are going to for information about naturopathic medicine, particularly in New Hampshire.
    • NHAND is working hard to make our NHAND website an attractive place for patients and prospective patients to come and find a naturopathic doctor to work with.
    • We hope to support our members in increasing their patient load by providing their information to those seeking assistance from a naturopathic doctor.
    • Our profession as a whole will benefit from your membership and increasing the visibility of naturopathic medicine in the state and beyond.
  • A “member-spotlight” post with your picture, bio, and clinic link on the NHAND public-facing Facebook page.
  • Ability to vote on matters through NHAND pertaining to the profession in New Hampshire.
  • Discount for the annual NHAND Conference (that provides CEUs and community).
  • Opportunities for obtaining continuing education credits (CEUs) through quarterly meetings, the conference, and upcoming online courses.
  • New Member Packets (attachments in welcome email) that include a variety of resources from local compounding pharmacies, licensing & CEU requirements, medical equipment suppliers, etc.
  • Opportunity to publish small articles/blog posts on the NHAND website to increase your public visibility and credibility.
  • Tracking legislative happenings in order to protect your ability to practice naturopathic medicine in the state of New Hampshire.
  • Ability to connect with other naturopathic doctors in the state to foster community, create a network, and share knowledge.