Continuing Education

New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors

New Hampshire licensed Naturopathic Doctors are required to renew their license every 2 years and provide documentation of having completed 45 credit hours of continuing education during that renewal cycle. Of those 45 hours, they must complete 12 pharmacology / pharmacognosy hours and 3 pain management / addiction disorder hours. If licensees hold specialty certificates in naturopathic childbirth or acupuncture, at least 12 of the required 45 credit hours shall be attributable to courses specifically related to those fields. See Nat 405.02 for complete details. 

Download a PDF of Nat 405.02
CEU Total
45 Hours*
30 Hours
12 Hours
Pain Management/Addiction Disorders
3 Hours
Specialty Hours for Naturopathic Childbirth or Acupuncture Specialty Certification
12 Hours

*Hours should be obtained within the current license period. Hours completed above 45 hours will not be carried over to the next term.

About the NHAND CE Committee

The NHAND CE Committee reviews applications from current NHAND members seeking approval of continuing education courses not already approved for CE for NDs. The committee is comprised of 3 NH licensed Naturopathic Doctors. The NHAND CE Committee does not authorize, issue or grant CEs certificates for courses. Approved courses are added to a list that is available on this site and shared with the Naturopathic Board of Examiners. The committee uses the criteria in Nat 405.03 to determine eligibility for CE approval.

How to Apply

Review the following questions:
Are you a current NHAND member?
  • Yes -> Continue applying. 

    No-> This process is only available to current NHAND members. Join here. 

Are you applying to renew your license in NH?
Is your course already approved by the AMA, AANP, another naturopathic state association, or an accredited naturopathic college / university?

Yes-> You do not need to complete this application. 

No-> Continue applying.

Are you applying for Pharmacology / Pharmacognosy CE hours?

Yes-> Our apologies, we do not review applications for Pharmacology / Pharmacognosy hours. 

No-> Continue applying.


Is your course on the approved NHAND CE list?

NHAND Approved CE List 5-24

Yes-> You do not need to complete this application.

No-> Continue applying.

Application for CE Approval

NHAND member CE application

Send the application with all requested documentation to
Processing may take up to 8 weeks

Acupuncture Specialty Renewal Certification

Continuing Education (CE) must include a minimum of 45 hours in the previous 2 years. Of the 45 documented hours, 12 hours must be pharmacology/pharmacognosy. For those applying for a specialty license renewal, 12 of the 33 general CEs should be related to that specialty.