Membership Dues & Benefits

New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors


NHAND prides itself on not only helping to support the naturopathic doctors of New Hampshire, but also providing the citizens of NH with an opportunity to find and connect with a licensed naturopathic doctor for their natural health needs.
Patient Referrals
Our doctor directory offers the public an easy way to access your profile and allow you to reach more potential patients in NH and beyond.
Government Relations
NHAND is dedicated to representing the naturopathic profession in the state of New Hampshire and keeping its members abreast of topics that will influence them and their patients.
Continuing Education
Becoming a member will offer access to highly beneficial affordable continuing education opportunities from thought-leaders around the country.
Conference Experience
As a member of NHAND, you will have a discount on attending the largest community gathering of NDs in the New England area. This is a well loved way to not only hone and expand your clinical savvy, but also a great way to network and increase the comradery of our profession.
Insurance and Prescribing Rights
Naturopathic doctors have the capability to both be included in insurance networks, as well as have a wide formulary due to the hard work from NHAND and it’s members. NHAND is committed to ensuring the scope for naturopathic doctors remains such that it reflects their training and philosophy.

Membership Type & Dues

Licensed ND practicing in NH
New Grad Membership
New grads in their first year of practice
Associate ND Member
Health professional (retired or out of state)
Supporting Member
non-health professional/member of the public
Honorary Life Member
Conferred by Vote of NHAND
No Fee
Student Member
ND student at accredited ND school

Further details of NHAND membership benefits

  • Name, picture, bio, and practice information listed on the NHAND website under “Find a ND” for increasing new patients. There will be a link to take them to your personal/practice website.
    • Our site is currently a location where many members of the public are going to for information about naturopathic medicine, particularly in New Hampshire.
    • NHAND is working hard to make our NHAND website an attractive place for patients and prospective patients to come and find a naturopathic doctor to work with.
    • We hope to support our members in increasing their patient load by providing their information to those seeking assistance from a naturopathic doctor.
    • Our profession as a whole will benefit from your membership and increasing the visibility of naturopathic medicine in the state and beyond.
  • A “member-spotlight” post with your picture, bio, and clinic link on the NHAND public-facing Facebook page.
  • Ability to vote on matters through NHAND pertaining to the profession in New Hampshire.
  • Discount for the annual NHAND Conference (that provides CEUs and community).
  • Opportunities for obtaining continuing education credits (CEUs) through quarterly meetings, the conference, and upcoming online courses.
  • New Member Packets (attachments in welcome email) that include a variety of resources from local compounding pharmacies, licensing & CEU requirements, medical equipment suppliers, etc.
  • Opportunity to publish small articles/blog posts on the NHAND website to increase your public visibility and credibility.
  • Tracking legislative happenings in order to protect your ability to practice naturopathic medicine in the state of New Hampshire.
  • Ability to connect with other naturopathic doctors in the state to foster community, create a network, and share knowledge.