Three Key Facts About Naturopathic Medicine

Aug 20, 20210 comments

We will discuss how three key facts about naturopathic medicine will help you see how you can work with your health care team towards achieving optimum health. The first fact relates to the Six Principles of the Naturopathic Order, which we have discussed in an earlier post. The six principles recognizes that the ND practice is based on the assumption that it is vital to treat the individual, to stimulate and support the body’s inherent ability to heal, to identify the root cause, to address it as naturally and gently as possible, to teach patients how to create wellness, and to prevent illness whenever possible.


These principles and the therapeutic order serve as a template so that patient and doctor can work together to find the cause of illness and treat it in the least invasive manner, allowing the body’s immune system to naturally defend itself.

The second fact is right in the definition.  According to the AANMC, Naturopathic Medicine is, “a distinct health care profession that combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are trained as primary care providers who diagnose, treat and manage patients with acute and chronic conditions, while addressing disease and dysfunction at the level of body, mind and spirit.” Many doctors, including those in New Hampshire, can prescribe medication as part of a formulary.

Naturopathic Doctors spend between two-three hours in the first appointment, getting to know their patient’s medical histories by asking questions. In follow up visits, many N.D.’s spend well over the 15-minute appointment from a traditional health care provider, by spending 30-60 minutes with their patients.

The third fact focuses on the reason that N.D.’s spend so much time with their patients is so that s/he. can get to know their history and focus on the entire patient’s wellness by promoting health and being proactive in preventing disease. They work to address the underlying cause of a patient’s condition.  Many people assume that naturopathic medicine is not based on science.  Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary healthcare profession. Three key facts about naturopathic medicine are essential to take care of your health and wellness. In sum, N.D’s offer an individualized, evidence-informed approach to a patient’s health and wellness and balance the least harmful and most effective approaches so that maximizes the body’s  inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health.

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