Top Five Questions to Ask Your N.D. During Your Appointment

Jun 14, 20210 comments

In last week’s post, we discussed the top five things to ask your N.D. before arriving to your first appointment. This week, we are going to discuss the top five questions to ask your N.D. during your first appointment.

Doctor and patient

Doctor with patient

It is essential to think of your naturopathic doctor as part of your care team. You will want to build rapport with your doctor and help them understand your concerns and how they can help you. The more information you give them, the better your care and your relationship will be.

The first few questions below are good to help you understand the complete picture of what your doctor has prescribed regarding treating your condition.  If you are uncomfortable, be honest and ask questions.  The first two questions are really a set of questions pertaining to your treatment. By asking these top five questions, will give you more insight into how your doctor will treat your condition and why and also help you build your relationship.

image of medical document

Image of medical document, vitamins and tablets

  1. Questions pertaining to Treatment: Is this treatment commonly used for people like me who have this medical condition and have they had success? What are the positive and negative effects of the treatment and are there any side effects that I should be aware of?
  2. Can this Treatment react negatively with my other medications and therapies?  Are there things I should not do while I am being treated? How long will I be on this treatment?
  3. Future Focused: Questions that are future-focused will help you pinpoint the, “What’s Next?” phase and keep you focused as to why you are doing the things that have been recommended. Such questions as, “Will I be on Supplements for the rest of my life?” Or “Will I have to only eat lettuce and fruit forever?” are valid questions.  The goal should be balance with dietary habits and as for supplements, once you have your nutrition regiment under control,  ask for data and research if it is suggested that you need to be on supplements for the rest of your life.
  4. Do you have literature? Being an active participant is an excellent idea. Ask your doctor if they have material or recommend material for you to read to further educate yourself.
  5. How Will You Work with My Care Team?   You should have a Yes  answer to this question and that your N.D. works as a part of a team for your health. Your N.D. is part of your health care team such as your medical doctor, dermatologist, massage therapist, dentist, Ob/Gyn for women, and psychologist.

    doctors team walking in modern hospital corridor indoors, people group

In sum, it is important to be an active participant in your own health care. Ask these top five questions of your N.D., at your first appointment, you will find it easier to work with your naturopath if you come prepared and are open to listening to what they say.