5 Questions with: Tina Beaudoin, ND

Sep 1, 20160 comments

This is a new feature on the NHAND blog where you can get to know the amazing members of NHAND a little better. We hope you enjoy! 

Our second installment of “5 Questions” is with Dr. Tina Beaudoin. She is a native of NH and has a private practice in Manchester, NH called HealthStrong Integrative Medicine. She also is a part of the medical education team at Emerson Ecologics.


1) What do you do & why.
I am a Naturopathic Doctor, passionate about helping people to reduce their suffering and enjoy robust health!
2) Favorite thing about NH? 
There is so much to love about NH, the 4 seasons and the people!
3) Favorite Food (or Favorite NH restaurant)
Favorite breakfast:  steamed greens(arugula, Swiss chard or kale) with soft-poached eggs, with a dash pink salt & ground pepper.
4) Early bird or Night owl?
Definitely early bird,
5) What is your idea of a great day?
Playing tennis in the morning, heading to the beach for boogie boarding in the ocean, followed by relaxing time of sitting quietly reading before sharing delicious evening meal with family and friends.

Dr. Tina Beaudoin is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Manchester, NH at HealthStrong Integrative Medicine. She also serves as the President of NHAND.