How I approach my patient’s health improvement

Feb 22, 20160 comments

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

Ignoring what a patient eats has been part of contemporary medicine for far too long and the results are obvious. Nutrition and diet are central to your health. Understanding that food provides not only the fuel for your body but also the resources to function and heal is central to good medicine. What you eat and moving your body are essential to feeling great. A healthy diet definitely doesn’t mean eating bland food.

I strongly believe in meeting you where you are and working with you to develop healthy dietary and exercise habits, without raising your stress level.

Supplement Protocols & Botanical Medicine

I relies on high-quality professional supplements and botanicals to support your health. As a naturopathic doctor, I have extensive training in vetting supplement manufacturers and takes quality very seriously. There are many supplements companies that put profit before quality and fail to test their products for harmful ingredients like solvents, heavy metals, pesticides or adulterants. When needed, supplements may be recommended that have been chosen for their superior absorption, purity and potency to help support your health. When appropriate, I can utilize and prescribes pharmaceuticals drugs. Striving for solutions that are the least invasive and have low side effects is my goal, which may includes vitamins, minerals and botanical supplementation.

Intravenous/Intramuscular Therapy

Sometimes I utilize injection therapy as part of your treatment plan. When digestion is compromised, this can be a powerful tool to overcome poor absorption and ensure direct delivery of nutrients or antioxidants. Intravenous and intramuscular injections offers speedy delivery of nutrients to help boost energy and mood, support brain and cardiac function, enhance sleep and a host of other benefits.

Addressing Hidden Obstacles

We live in a complicated world now where there may be hidden obstacles negatively impacting your health. Due to the increasingly toxic world we live in, it is important not to overlook what we are exposed to in our daily lives and how well our bodies eliminate waste materials and toxins. For example, toxic burden has now been shown to put you at greater risk for diabetes than excess abdominal fat. Another powerful example of how toxins can detract from our health is the effect of BPA’s (Bishenol A) on breast health. BPA’s stimulate breast cancer cells to multiply. Environmental toxins disrupt proper hormone balance and can lead to many symptoms and health conditions. I will educate and empower you to gradually reduce your exposure to these hidden obstacles and provide you with targeted treatments that promote their elimination.


One of my passions is supporting detoxification as a mechanism for health improvement. I developed a comprehensive detox program: Accelerated Cellular Healing (A.C.H.) Detoxification. The ACH Detox removes harmful wastes and toxins at the cellular level, the smallest units of human life. ACH promotes the safe release and elimination of toxins. This is a vital concept in detoxification. It is essential to not only release toxins from your cells but also to ensure that your body is able to effectively move the toxins out of your body so they don’t linger.

Ancient Traditions

Humans have survived for many millennia by developing healing traditions that allowed our species to survive. Hydrotherapy, massage, sweat lodges, meditation and fasting are just some of the numerous tools that have a long and efficacious history in medicine. While I am passionate about the science and individual biochemistry side of medicine, she may also incorporate some ancient healing modalities that will help you increase vitality and wellness. For instance, ice packs will quickly reduce swelling to a twisted ankle while contrast hydrotherapy (warm and hot applications) may be used to help increase circulation and healing to the site of a chronic traumatic injury. While you won’t be sent to a sweat lodge, exercise or a sauna might be prescribed to encourage detoxification through sweating, a great way to increase circulation and eliminate toxins. Again, it will depend on what is right for the unique you!


Although not typically the first line of treatment, there are occasions when pharmaceuticals are needed to support optimal health. For example, pharmaceutical may help in reducing or controlling symptoms while the underlying causes are explored and addressed. Pharmaceuticals can also be critical in addressing certain acute conditions. Bio-Identical Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone may also be utilized to support and optimize your health. Taking advantage of the best science and medicine has to offer means using the most appropriate treatment options (with the least side-effects) to maximize your health.


The African proverb ‘It Takes a Village’ often holds true in contemporary medicine. Optimizing your health may involve referrals to other health care providers. In addition, some patients may already be working with one or multiple doctors. I welcome and enjoy working collaboratively with your other health care providers and may refer you to specialists who can assist in your path to robust health.


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