Membership Q&As

New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors

When is my application due?

Applications can be submitted anytime via the online application form on the NHAND website. Once approved, the membership is for one calendar year from date of approval. You will receive email reminders for your membership renewal prior to the anniversary of submission. You can re-new your membership online here.

Government Relations
NHAND is dedicated to representing the naturopathic profession in the state of New Hampshire and keeping its members abreast of topics that will influence them and their patients.
Continuing Education
Becoming a member will offer access to highly beneficial affordable continuing education opportunities from thought-leaders around the country.
Conference Experience
As a member of NHAND, you will have a discount on attending the largest community gathering of NDs in the New England area. This is a well loved way to not only hone and expand your clinical savvy, but also a great way to network and increase the comradery of our profession.
Insurance and Prescribing Rights
Naturopathic doctors have the capability to both be included in insurance networks, as well as have a wide formulary due to the hard work from NHAND and itโ€™s members. NHAND is committed to ensuring the scope for naturopathic doctors remains such that it reflects their training and philosophy.