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  • NHAND 2023 Conference
  • 1.5 CE, pain
  • CEs approved by the AANP

David Winston, RH (AHG)

David Winston, a Clinical Herbalist with 54 years of training in Chinese/Western/Eclectic/Southeastern herbal traditions, has been in clinical practice for 47 years and consults with physicians and researchers worldwide. David is the Dean of David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies, is an internationally known lecturer at medical schools and symposia and the president of Herbalist & Alchemist.

Course Description

The search for effective, safe and non-addictive pain medication is an age-old quest. Studies show many people, especially the elderly, the poor, people of color and women are under-treated for chronic pain. While herbs are not as powerful as opiates and other pharmaceutical medications, they can offer safer and often highly effective pain management. In this talk we will discuss how specific herbs can relieve specific types of pain, how to combine herbs to create a synergistic effect and reduce inflammation, pain perception and spasm and how botanicals can enhance the effects of pharmaceutical pain medications. The focus of this class is to give the clinician the precise tools needed to manage pain with herbs, so we will learn to describe the types and nature of pain, the location of the pain and the most effective combinations of herbs to treat pain syndromes.