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  • 2023 NHAND Conference
  • 1.5 CE general
  • CEs are approved by the AANP

Speaker Bio

Paul Herscu ND, MPH was the 2016 recipient of the AANP Vis Award. He specializes in the treatment of neurological, psychological, and immunological diagnoses.

Course Description

Some homeopathic remedies seem to get all the attention! Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu help attendees think about other effective, relevant remedies for general naturopathic practice. Categories of medicines discussed include: remedies with a larger sphere of influence vis a vis those with a narrower focus; the concept of using ‘acute remedies’ for chronic disease patients and using ‘chronic remedies’ for acute disease patients; and how to effectively use common remedies in patients with uncommon presentations of the remedy. This lecture is appropriate for those less inclined to use homeopathy as well as those who often incorporate the homeopathic prescription.