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  • NHAND 2023 Conference Speaker
  • 1.0 CE, general
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Speaker Bio

Dr. Piper Dobner is the CEO and Co-Founder of Thaena Inc, the makers of ThaenaBiotic®, a novel stool-derived supplement. Dr. Dobner received a BS in Chemistry and Health Sciences from Southern Oregon University, a MS from NUNM in Integrative Medicine Research, and a Doctorate from NUNM in Naturopathic Medicine. She has extensive experience in chemical analysis and brings a strong foundation in clinical research and patient care to the team at Thaena. She is currently seeing patients part-time through her clinical practice Flora Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Her passion for microbiome therapeutics and their application in the treatment of mental health is what drives her curiosity and
desire to continue innovating new ways forward for her patients.

Course Description

The microbiome plays a critical role in the health and happiness of our patient populations. As naturopathic doctors, we know the gut is the center of health, and at that center resides an organ system called the microbiome. This organ system has mass implications to health and is under constant attach via environmental and medical exposures (pesticides and pharmaceutical medications). What we do to support, restore, and regain health in the microbiomes of our patients is imperative to their success and health outcomes. Many of us are aware of probiotics, and some are even up to speed on the data using fecal transplant as a restoration tactic, but what if it’s simpler than that? What if our theories around diet have been true all along, and the diversity we challenge our patients to achieve, is at the heart of feeding this pertinent organ system that ultimately feeds and nourishes our body? The heart of naturopathy lies within the mystery of the human microbiome, and the approach we often take is about adding more of a lethal, kill tactic. I’d like to propose a different way, I’d like to propose we work to restore these biomes, exalt them rather than demonize a few of the hearty characters giving bacteria a bad rap overall? The purpose of my talk will be to better understand the microbiome, it’s impacts on health, and how we as providers can create better health outcomes working with, not against – this beautiful organ system we’ve only come to discover in the past two decades of medical research.