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  • NHAND 2023 Conference
  • 1.5 CE pharmacy
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Speaker Bio

Dr. Steve Clark, N.D. Is a Naturopathic Doctor, treating patients in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire for 22 years. Dr. Clark, attended the Natural University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and graduated in 2001. Prior to naturopathic school, Dr. Clark was involved in Cardiovascular and Immunology research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Clark is a member of Internal Lyme and Associated Diseases (ILADS) since 2005. Dr. Clark tends to treat complicated cases. Dr. Clark’s main philosophy in treating patients is to teach how things work, thus patients are empowered to engage in their own health. Since 2020, especially due to the outbreak of Covid, Dr. Clark has experienced renewed interest in educating everyone, so that we can all do better, with less fear and more knowledge. Dr. Clark loves to cook, mountain bike, garden, paint in acrylics, anything snow and to fix things.


Course Description

Digestion is the mother of the body. In common medicine, the role of digestion is discounted and the treatments tends to be suppressive. Digestion is a complex interaction of nerve function, hormones, acid, enzymes, immune system, bacteria and delicate linings. Naturopathic doctors must understand and treat digestion, to optimize health and remove obstacles to healing. Dr. Steve Clark’s goal is to empower Naturopathic Doctors to improve their digestive treatments and help our patients be more healthy and comfortable. This session will include a review of all the steps in digestion. The remainder will be a detailed understanding of interventions for each level of the digestive process including prescriptions, nutraceuticals and herbs. The ability to improve digestion and empower patients is one of our greatest strengths!